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Top Tips for Remote Working

Working from home? Here are some top tips to facilitate remote meetings and maintain your wellbeing from the Ignite team:

Meetings / Workshops

1) Who - Make a slide to show who is on the call - put pictures so we can all give faces to the name. Enable video conferencing to build rapport by reading facial expressions and body behaviour.

2) Mimic workshops - Just like you would in workshops, assign roles (time referee, facilitators) have agendas and maintain engagement with attendees using questions/tools such as Miro and Mentimeter

3) Add a visual focus - To make sure everyone is aligned, present slides or some sort of visual focus - making sure it creates momentum

Your Well Being

1) Pick up the phone - Being isolated means missing the social aspects of the office environment. Grabbing a coffee with a colleague to desk side chats. Make sure you use technology to check in with your colleagues

2) Build your routine - Working from home can blur the line between work and life. Have a routine before work and after work, as well as finding a way to switch off at home

3) Give yourself a break - Take regular breaks where you step away from your work. Spend time away from your laptop - with family, exercising etc

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